Welcome to the UNI-SET Universities Survey!

We are very pleased that you are engaging in the completion of the UNI-SET Universities Survey and the European Atlas of Universities in Energy Research & Education. By participating in the universities survey, your university will be displayed on the Atlas.

The Survey and Atlas are maintained by the EUA Energy and Environment Platform (EUA-EPUE). They were originally developed with the support of the European Commission through the UNI-SET project (2014-2017).

The Survey is currently open for new registrations.

We would like to facilitate the completion of the questionnaire as much as possible and, for this reason, this page provides important information and guidance.

Why should your university participate?

Should your university offer master's and doctoral programmes and perform research in the field of energy, we strongly encourage you to participate, as this is a unique opportunity to:

  • Have your energy-related Master, Doctorate and Research Programmes advertised on up-to-date and interactive online maps;
  • Attract potential students and researchers
  • Identify, and be identified by, other universities and stakeholders (companies, research organisations, etc.) to find expertise and opportunities for research and education collaboration
  • Identify opportunities to create multidisciplinary teams
  • Have a central point of information on your institution’s energy-related activities
  • Strengthen the voice of Europe’s universities in the energy field
  • Become part of an exceptional platform of strategic relevance for the university sector

If you require further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at epue.platform@eua.eu.

We look forward to your university’s collaboration with EUA in this important endeavour for universities in the priority field of energy research and education.


Thank you in advance for your participation!

What do you need to do? Participating universities

If your university is already registered and displayed on the atlas you can use your existing login credentials to access the survey and update the given information. If your credentials or account information have been lost, please contact us at epue.platform@eua.eu.

What do you need to do? New universities

‘Institutional coordinators'

If you are the designated institutional coordinator of your university’s response, please create an account for your university through the register page (alternatively, click on ‘register’ button in the menu bar).

As we recognise that several faculties or departments may need to be involved, we have designed a system of university ‘Sub Accounts’ to facilitate the task of the coordinator. To be able to create Sub Accounts you need first to create a Main Account and use it to log-in to the survey. You can find more information on how to create Sub Accounts in the FAQ section after registration.

As the institutional coordinator for the survey, you are able to

  • Use the ‘Main Account’. This account centralises all the information gathered by the university.
  • Generate ‘Sub Account’ (s) and grant access to other leaders in your university who hold relevant information (Deans of Faculties, Heads of Department, etc.).
  • Fill in the survey and edit data in all parts of the survey.
  • Submit the final response.

‘Sub account’ users

Your institutional coordinator may need to contact other leaders in the university who can answer specific questions (Deans of Faculties, Programme Managers, Heads of Department, etc.). There are two alternatives for other university leaders to provide input:

  • Send their input to the coordinator of the questionnaire for him/her to fill it in.
  • Request the coordinator to generate a ‘Sub Account’ for them in the survey tool. In this case, the coordinator will create the subaccount through the 'manage subaccount' form.

If you are registered as a ‘Sub Account’ user of the UNI-SET Survey, you are able to

  • manage your ‘Sub Account’
  • fill in designated survey questions with the information that you have available.


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