Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the following FAQ to know more about UNI-SET and the Universities survey.




What is the purpose of the European Atlas of Universities in Energy Research and Education and the UNI-SET Universities Survey?

The European Atlas of Universities in Energy Research and Education and the UNI-SET Universities Survey are activities of the EUA Energy and Environment Platform. They were first conducted through the three-year FP7 project UNI-SET (2014-2017), which was led by EUA in cooperation with KU Leuven representing the universities in EIT InnoEnergy. UNI-SET aimed to mobilise the research, innovation and educational capacities of European universities towards addressing the EU energy challenge.


The atlas and survey fulfil two main purposes:

  • The survey identifies and gathers key information on university research and education programmes at Master and Doctorate level in all areas of knowledge related to the field of energy. This includes programmes covering the entire spectrum of academic fields, from the ‘hard’ sciences to social sciences, arts and humanities and across all energy sectors.
  • The atlas, which builds on the data collected by the survey,  provides online, interactive, thematic maps giving an overview of the European university landscape in the energy field.

Findings from the first survey waves were published by EUA in the report Energy Research and Education at European Universities (December 2017).


What do you need to do? Participating universities

If your university is already registered and displayed on the atlas you can use your existing login credentials to access the survey and update the given information. If your account information or login credentials have been lost, please contact us at


Who is the survey coordinator of your university and what is your university’s ‘Main Account’?

The Survey Coordinator is the person appointed by  your university as responsible for the coordination and submission of your university’s response to the survey. The coordinator is the holder of the ‘Main Account’. This account centralises all the information gathered by your university. The coordinator can generate ‘Sub Accounts’ and grant access to other leaders in your university who hold relevant information. The coordinator can fill in the entire survey and is able to submit the university’s response.

Please note: there can only be one ‘Main Account’ per university.


What is a ‘Sub Account’ and who can create them?

Main Account users (Survey coordinators) are able to de-centralise the response process by creating so-called ‘Sub Accounts’. Coordinators can generate ‘Sub Accounts’, for example, for different faculties, departments or other relevant energy-related structures. Sub Account users will then be able to directly enter information about energy-related activities that fall within their responsibilities.

Sub Account users can add and edit data in Parts 2-3 of the questionnaire, concerning Master programmes (Part 2), Doctorate and Research programmes (Part 3). They can also read, but not edit Part 1 of the questionnaire.  They can also not submit the questionnaire to EUA.

Sub Accounts can be created by going to the ‘Manage Sub Accounts’ page and then by simply entering the name and email address of a Sub Account user. The user will then receive an automatic notification email about the registration. Please, make sure that the Sub Account users are aware of your university’s participation in the survey and agree to their registration. In addition, please make sure that they are aware of their role and responsibilities for the survey.

Please note: There can be several ‘Sub Accounts’ per university. Sub Account users cannot create other Sub Accounts.


Can I save my answers and return later?

Your answers will be saved automatically once data is entered in one of the answer fields. You can - at any time - log off and log in again by using your log-in credentials (email and password).


What are the different parts of the survey?

The questionnaire is structured in three main parts. In Part 1 ( University Profile), please provide general information about your institution (meaning the Higher Education Institution, i.e. university). If applicable, you can also provide a ‘highlight’ activity of your university in the field of energy research and education. This part of the survey can only be answered by the ‘Main Account’ user of a university.

In the following two parts, you will be asked to provide detailed information on Master programmes (Part 2) and Research (Part 3) programmes, including Doctorate schemes. The questions in these sections cover, for example, the student population, partnerships with other academic or industrial partners and, importantly, the fields of education and training, science and technology, and the thematic areas of the SET-Plan associated with each programme.

Please note: Providing information about SET-Plan areas and fields of science and technology or education and training is crucial to be properly displayed in the atlas.


Which classification schemes are used in the survey?

Three different classification schemes are used throughout the survey. These are the ISCED Fields of Education and Training 2013 (ISCED-F 2013), the UNESCO Standard Nomenclature for Fields of Science and Technology and a classification based on the SET-Plan Integrated Roadmap and Action Plan, covering different key areas of energy research and education.


How long will it take to complete the survey?

The length of the survey and the time needed to complete the questionnaire therefore depend on the amount of activities at your university.


Can I download my answers?

Yes, answers can be downloaded by pressing the print button on the survey page and then be saved as pdf.

If you want to receive a full copy of your answers from the previous survey wave (cut off date 19 March 2018), please contact


Can I download the questionnaire?

A downloadable version of the questionnaire will be available on this page soon.


What will EUA do with the received data? (Confidentiality and Disclosure Policy)

By participating in the survey, institutions agree to the following confidentiality and disclosure policy:

EUA can publish the following details regarding your university – the name of the university, its location, website, the titles of the Master’s and Doctorate Programmes offered, research topics and related websites (if provided), as indicated in the survey response. Any other data will be published only in an aggregated way, without any specific reference to the institutions involved in the survey.


Who should I contact with questions about the survey and the tool?

If you have any questions or if you experience any technical difficulties while using the online tool, please contact us at